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pregnancy alcohol
pregnancy alcohol

Harmful effects of alcohol during pregnancy


To begin with, there are not many uses of alcohol consumption for any person. This is even truer when you are pregnant and doctors suggest that you should strictly stay away from alcohol during the entire term of your pregnancy. Alcohol can do more damage to your body than you think. During pregnancy, alcohol consumption can lead to severe and even permanent damage to your baby.


How alcohol affects your baby during pregnancy


When pregnant women consume alcohol, the toxins will reach the baby at a rapid rate through the bloodstream. It can lead to permanent cell damage in your baby. This will also have an adverse effect on the growth of the baby. The nervous system and the growth of vital organs will be severely affected, which can lead to learning difficulties for the baby in future. In some cases it is also found that alcohol consumption in pregnant women can lead to miscarriage or premature birth.


However, if you consume alcohol occasionally and in very small quantity, it may not have severe effect on the baby. If you plan to do so during an occasion or during a social gathering, make sure that you consult your doctor and get suitable advice on this issue. Even though drinking alcohol in small quantity May not affect your baby, it is still advisable that you avoid alcohol completely during pregnancy. There is simply too much risk involved in alcohol consumption during pregnancy and it is not worth taking the risk with the health of your baby.


Apart from spoiling the health of your baby, alcohol consumption will also have a negative effect on your own body. It will adversely affect your diet which can lead to many complications during pregnancy. Considering all these factors, it is best that you avoid alcohol during pregnancy.